Oval.bet 🎰

Play Telegram Slots for Free 🎉

Oval.bet is a Telegram slots bot that you can play for free by clicking the "Open bot on Telegram" button below. It has a high win rate and is fully free to play. 🤑

Invite your friends and get 2500Ø for free! 🎁 Enjoy the fun and exciting gameplay with a chance to win big. 💰

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Bot Features 🌟

How to Play 🕹ī¸

  1. Open the bot on Telegram
  2. Press the "Spin" button to start playing
  3. Adjust your bet amount using the /bet command
  4. Watch the slots spin and hope for a win!
  5. Collect your daily reward using the /daily command
  6. Invite friends using your referral link to earn bonus Ovals
  7. Check the leaderboard to see how you rank among other players
  8. View your statistics using the /statistics command